In the frame of TAUP2023 conference the local organizers would like support and encourage young people by recognizing their scientific work and achievements by establishing an award for the Best Poster. A jury will select four award winning posters following set of criteria such as presentation of the topic (problem / motivation, method / procedure, results, outlook), layout and design, readability and the overall impression etc. We will take to account only posters from people up to 4 years after their PhD.

Best Poster Award Committee

Valentyna Mokina (chair)
Alvaro Chavarria
Claire Adam Bourdarios
Claudia-Elisabeth Wulz
David Sinclair
Fedor Šimkovic
Ines Gil-Botella
Laura Cardani
Marco Vignati
Ruben Saakyan
Silvia Scorza

The winers are

TRISTAN A novel detector for searching keV-sterile neutrinos at the KATRIN experiment
Korbinian Urban
(Technical University of Munich)
TAXO – Towards an ultra-low background semiconductor detector for IAXO
Christoph Wiesinger
(Technical University of Munich)
Low-background radioactivity counting at the most sensitive HPGe detector in Germany
Steffen Turkat
(TU Dresden)
First Results on 17O Enrichment of CaWO4 Crystals for Spin-dependent DM search with CRESST
Angelina Kinast
(Technical University of Munich)
Analysis techniques for the search of neutrinoless double-beta decay of Te-130 with CUORE
Krystal Alfonso
(Virginia Tech)